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Ohana TK-10 Tenor Ukulele

Price: sale $179.00

The Ohana TK-10 Tenor Ukulele is one of the best on the market for inexpensive uke's. It's a mohagany wood ukulele with a real mellow sound! These ukuleles are affordable, loud, and priced to sell!

Ibanez SR400QM bass guitar

Price: $599.99 sale $519.99

Since 1987, musicians all over the world have come to know the playing comfort and unique sound of the SR bass. This year’s lineup includes a wide array of options sure to fit just about any style of music. With 3-band EQ and its newly developed Mid-Frequency Select switch, or the Style Sweeper 3-band EQ controls, SR basses can produce any sound you require.

FINISH: Cherry Sunburst


Sonar X1 Essential, Studio, Producer

Price: $99.99, $199.99, 399.99

Cakewalk's SONAR X1 contains all the fundamental recording and editing power that has made SONAR such a popular choice amongst musicians and engineers for years. Now, with a completely redesigned user interface, creating music in SONAR is more intuitive and fluid than ever. Sonar is now offering discounts to students and teachers. Savings include ~ $20 off of Sonar X1 Essential, $50 off of Sonar X1 Studio, and a whopping $100 off Sonar X1 Producer. Proof must be shown at purchase point for the discounts - this includes a student ID or a teaching certificate.

Act Now!! In the next month with the purchase of Sonar X1 you can recieve the Sonar X2 upgrade for free. Offer expires Sept 15.